Friends FAQ

Karl -

How do I add a friend on Green Man Gaming?

You can add a friend by navigating to their profile page and selecting Screenshot_2019-03-26_at_14.13.33.png or by typing in their username to the search bar on the friends page.

Alternatively, linking your Steam or Facebook accounts to your Green Man Gaming account will allow Green Man Gaming to serve up potential friends you may know that are also on Green Man Gaming.


I'm not seeing any friend recommendations but I have linked a social network?

For a friend to be recommended you both need to have "opt-in to recommended people you may know" enabled from your profile settings page (see image below).

Also, for facebook linking, facebook allows you to micromanage permissions once you link your Green Man Gaming account. You must allow Green Man Gaming access to your profile and friends for this feature to work.

Can I refuse a friend request?

Yes, all requests need to be authorised by the receiver.

My friend can/cannot see my Social Aliases, why is this?

You can show or hide your social platform aliases within your profile settings.


This is not enabled by default.