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Promotional voucher

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Regional restrictions

As for all products on our site, the code you receive will work for the region of your purchase. It is important that you don't use VPN or Proxies when you place your order as this alters your geolocation and can cause issues when processing your payment and could mean you will receive a key that won't work for your actual region.


Pre order bonus

As with all pre-purchases, Green Man Gaming only guarantees that you will receive the bonuses listed directly on the Green Man Gaming store page for the game and not the bonuses listed elsewhere.

The following bonus content will be included with any pre orders of Monster Hunter World / Monster Hunter World Deluxe Edition:

Origin Set
The Origin Set armor is a nostalgic must-have for series fans. This full armor set (head, chest, arms, waist, and legs) comes with enough defense to carry you through the early quests, and also features plenty of skills useful for gathering.

Fair Wind Charm
The Fair Wind charm carries a skill that increases your attack power, and one that adds a chance of reducing the damage you take. The charm also has a nice visual impact, as equipping it will add a glowing aura effect to your left arm!


Payment issues

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Otherwise feel free to contact Customer Support who will be happy to assist you with any other payment issues.