[May 2018] We apologise for our recent GDPR marketing email

Danièle -


Last night (19.05.2018) some customers received a GDPR email from Green Man Gaming titled ‘Order Confirmation’.  We’d like to unreservedly apologise for sending this email to some customers that received it. We messed up and we promise we will not do this again.  Valuable customer feedback has been passed to our teams internally so that this is taken into account for future campaigns.
On behalf of the Green Man Gaming team, I am very sorry for the data protection email with the subject ‘order confirmation’ that went out last night to some customers from our team. Although it was never the company’s intention to alarm customers, we acknowledge that some customers have been alarmed, and for this I sincerely apologise.
Because of this, I would like to assure everyone that we will never send out emails like this again and will always respect our customers wishes,” says Paul Sulyok, Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming.