Battlefield 1 Release FAQ

Karl -

UPDATE 20/10/2016 3.45pm BST

Pre orders have been fulfilled this afternoon. Your game key will be in your Green Man Gaming account and you should receive an email with your key as well.





When is Battlefield 1 out?

Battlefield 1 has a global release date of the 21st October.

Origin says I can preload and Play on the 18th!?

There is an early access period for those who buy directly with the Origin Store and purchase a much higher priced Early Adopters package for around double the price on our store.

When will I receive my key from Green Man Gaming?

We will be releasing our keys on the specified release date above, or within 48 hours of this date as stated on our product page. It is more than likely keys will be issued on the 21st, we mention the 48 hours window in the likelihood something does not go according to plan.

Is there a pre purchase bonus included with my purchase?

There is no pre order bonus included with your purchase of Battlefield 1 on Green Man Gaming.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, up until the point keys are released. This does not mean that you are guaranteed a refund if you do not have a key in your account. As we prep the launch cycle we will stop providing refunds so there will be a short window of keylessness where we cannot provide a refund.