GJS2016 - Playfire Queries

Karl -

Playfire Deactivation or Unlink Requests.

If you require the deactivation of your Playfire account or the unlinking of your Steam account after taking part in the Golden Joysticks game promotion, please take note that part of the promotional T&C's state that 

"If the Participant wishes to unlink their Steam account and/or delete their Green Man Gaming /Playfire account within 30 days of receiving the Game, the Promoter reserves the right to have the Game deactivated at their sole discretion."

If you wish to continue with your request, please select the relevant link above to submit your request in the right location.

Steam Tracking

Occasionally our system will not immediatly start tracking your Steam account, this can up to take 24 hours before tracking starts. IF you spot tacking details for 1970, please let us know as this is a bug, if your profile is set to private, we cannot track your Steam account.

Credit Reward

Credit for Playing Spec Ops: The Line will be applied automatically to your linked Green Man Gaming account within 24 hours. The normal reward system is not being used for this promotion