GJS2016 - Vouchers

Karl -

To obtain your voucher you need to have signed up on our promotional page and successfully linked your Steam account.

Vouchers will be sent within 24 hours of confirming your email, if you already have an account with Green Man Gaming, a voucher will be sent within 24 hours of entering your details on the promotional site.

I received an error when applying my voucher code

  • Make sure you are entering your voucher as seen, copy and paste is the best method. Voucher codes are 6 x 6 x 6, if you managed to copy a space are the start or end you may have clipped off a character.
  • If you encounter a basket error and your voucher will no longer redeem, please wait 30 minutes for the voucher to reset.
  • Vouchers are account specific, you cannot redeem this voucher on any other account than the account the email was sent to.