GJS2016 - Login Issues

Karl -

See below for details on login issues and how hopefully, resolve them. 

If you need to contact our Customer Service team, please provide the following account details so we can assist you quicker

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Error Messages:

"a small issue"

 This error can appear when traffic is high on our site, please try again another time, preferable a few or more hours later.

"Account Inactive"

Your account has been deactivated, if you believe this is wrong, please contact our Customer Service team for more information.

"Account Deleted"

Do not fear, this is a badly written error, your account was not deleted. There is an issue with your account and you will need to contact our Customer Service team to resolve this. Please provide your username and email when contacting us.

"Wrong Password or Username"

Despite stating wrong username, this should actually say email address. As the rest of the error states, you have entered the wrong details. You can either reset your password by the forgotten password link or Contact Customer Service for further assistance.