Golden Joysticks 2016 FAQ

Karl -

Voting and the promotional pages are now closed. 

Those who have taken part in the promotion via our minisite to claim their game, you will have approximately two weeks to play Spec Ops to claim your reward.

Those users who are missing credit from previously playing, do not worry, submit a ticket to our Customer Service Team under the Golden Joysticks form and let us know and we can have a look into what went wrong.




Welcome to the Golden Joysticks FAQ, below we will try to include all the information we can to assist you should you have any questions or run into an issue.

Where can I vote in the Golden Joysticks?


When voting, be sure to use the same email address you have registered here at Green Man Gaming. 

Where can I enter the promotion for the £1/$1/€1 games?

You can enter the promotion here, be sure to have voted in the Golden Joysticks (link above) before taking part.

I have entered the promotion but have yet to recieve a voucher code.

Once your email has been confirmed on the system it can take up to 24 hours before a voucher code has been delivered. We will not be able to send it any earlier or prioritise you in anyway so please be patient in waiting for this email. Don;t forget to check your spam folders, just in case you marked our emails as spam.

I don't have a Steam account to link, how can I get this promotion?

You need a Steam account, they are free, go sign up.

It says my Steam account is already linked to another account, what do I do?

Our system does not lie, if your account is linked already that means you have previously linked your Steam account, possibly from another promotion similar to this. You will need to login with the details of that Playfire account, if you are not aware of the account, you can contact Customer Services for assistance but please provide your Steam64 ID otherwise we cannot help you.

Not listed above

We have specific articles related to the Golden Joysticks 2016 which should help with any issues you may run into for specific scenarios.

If after checking the above links you still require assistance, you can contact our Customer Service team who will be able to help.