Steam Login FAQ

Karl -

We have added the ability for new customers to register with Green Man Gaming using their Steam account. Once registered with Steam you will be able to then use the Steam Login button much like how facebook login works. 

I already have a Green Man Gaming account, can I login using my Steam account?

No, customers who already have a Green Man Gaming account cannot login with Steam, this is for new customers only who do not hold accounts with us.

I get an error 500 when I try to login, help?

You have not registered your Green Man Gaming account through Steam, only customers who create an account through this feature can login using it.

When I register with my Steam account, does this link my Steam account to Green Man Gaming?


Can I link my steam account if I already have a Green Man Gaming account?


Can I automatically redeem Steam keys on my Green Man Gaming account to my Steam account?

No, however, this may be a feature implemented in the future.