Vouchers FAQ

Karl -

If you experience issues with voucher activation, please go through these possible resolutions:

It may be worth checking the promotional voucher exclusions we list in the promotions section to make sure that the game you want to purchase is included in the promotion.

I received an error message that says:

"invalid voucher"

Please check you have entered the voucher as seen from its source, copy and paste is usually your best friend in these situations, Vouchers require the hyphens to be included and if your voucher was displayed with a hash (#) please include it.

"Unable to add voucher"

If you are receiving this message sadly it would mean that a game in your basket is not currently accepting vouchers or the voucher does not apply to that game. Please read the terms and conditions for the said voucher. Not all of our games work with vouchers sadly. 

I am unable to add more than one voucher to my purchase

You can only use one voucher per purchase. 

I am unable to add voucher because the button is greyed out

Please add a space to the end of the voucher to enable this button, you will not add a space on the voucher but it will prompt the button to appear. 

Please send in a support request if you are still in need of assistance.