High School Dreams - Troubleshooting

Karl -

The Playfire Client cannot see my game in the "My Games" list

Contact the Customer Services team and provide them with your username and email address for both GMG and Playfire, it is very likely your accounts are not linked. We will figure this out for you and provide you steps which you may need to take.

The game launched but I have a black screen with sound only

Please make sure you meet the requirements for this game as stipulated in the first few paragraphs in this article. 

Also, you may require updating your graphics card drivers and DirectX installation, links can be found to the main GFX Card suppliers as well as DirectX

Error Missing d3dx9.dll or d3dx9_42.dll

This error usually occurs because you are attempting to run a DirectX 9 game on a DirectX 11 system. To resolve this issue you will need to update your DirectX runtime files which you can do so from the following link

I'm running windows 8 or higher Operating system, can I do anything to get this game working on my system

Yes, Windows have created a function which you can use to launch software made for older systems so they may work on your newer operating system. We do need to remind you that we do not support the newer operating systems with this game and you use these options at your own risk. Also, once a download of the game has been started on our Client you will no longer be entitled to a refund as per our refund policy.

Please follow the link below to learn how to use this function


Please see this article on how to install and play High School Dreams.