High School Dreams - How to Install and Play

Karl -

Thanks for purchasing High School Dreams

This article will help assist you in downloading and launching the game. 

Please bear in mind that this is an old game and may or may not work on new systems. The recommended specs for this game are as follows:

Minimum Requirements:

  • P3 800Mhz
  • 512MB RAM
  • 64MB Video Ram (that supports Shader Model 1)
  • Playfire Client required to download and play.

This game only supports the following Operating systems:

  • Vista
  • Windows 7

If you are running Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10, there is a strong chance that this game will not run and at this point, you are welcome to a refund. If you wish to proceed to download and attempt to play, you do so at your own risk and would no longer be entitled to a refund as per our refund policy. We will provide some additional tips for Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10 users if they do run into any issues playing the game in this troubleshooting article.

 If you run into any trouble launching the game after following the steps below, please see this troubleshooting article for potential fixes before contacting our Customer Service team.

Step 1 - Download the Client

Assuming you have already purchased this game, download our Playfire Client. Your purchase confirmation page may have a download button that refers to something called Capsule, please ignore this, this is the predecessor to the Playfire Client and is no longer available. 



Step 2 - Install the Client

Our Playfire Client is only supported by the following Operating Systems.

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

We cannot offer support for any other operating systems at this time.

Once downloaded, please locate the Playfire.exe and run it as an administrator as shown below, this gives the executable the correct permissions to install.



Setup is pretty simple form this point, select the install location, default will suffice for many normal users. Using the default location will help when receiving instructions from Customer Service for any troubleshooting purposes, we assume you have installed to the default location. Once the Client is installed you will be prompted to either Start the Client or exit the installer as seen below.


setup1.png    setup2.png


Step 3 - Login & Setup

Sounds easy, but it is not always that easy. Please read carefully.

Before you login you need to make sure you have a linked Playfire account to login to the Playfire Client. If you do not have a Playfire account, this is easy to setup, just simply log into https://www.playfire.com/a/login using your GMG email and GMG password and a linked Playfire account will be created automatically. 

If you already have a Playfire account it may be a little tricky depending on how you set this account up, if you followed the instructions above, previously, you should have a linked account. If you registered an account on a separate email address, this may not be linked and you would need to contact the Customer Service team to link your accounts., this can be confirmed if the Playfire Client cannot find your GMG games. 

To login, as previously mentioned, use your GMG email and password in the sections shown below, it is recommended to allow the Playfire Client to remember your details. 



Once logged into the Playfire Client, you will be greeted with a setup screen which contains 3 pages. 

The first will ask you if you want to add your Xbox Live and Playstation Network accounts which would be used to track your ingame achievements/trophies and game time to display on your Playfire profile. You can skip this step and move straight onto Step 3 by pressing "Later".


Page 3 will ask you to confirm your download and installation location on your hard drives, we recommend you use the default locations provided by the client unless you are an advanced user, then you can change these but you will need to remember these settings should you need to troubleshoot any installation issues. 



As you can see in the screenshot above, the default locations have two red X marks next to the browse button. This is an indication that these directories do not exist and the Playfire Client will need to created them when you press Finish. 

This confirm will look like this and you simply need to confirm the creation of these folders. 


Now you are set up and logged in, your client should look something like this.



Step 4 - Downloading your game

To download your GMG Playfire Client DRM Games, in this example, High School Dreams you will need to click the "My Games" menu found in the top navigation bar as shown above. 

Your Playfire Client will then attempt to login to your linked GMG account.  



Once logged in, your list of games will be displayed as well as the states of the games;

  • Trade-in value
  • Install status
  • Number of Playfire games owned


To download high School Dreams, simply press the download button. 

Your download will start shortly after and the time to download may vary depending on your download speed and traffic on our client.


Once the download has been completed, you will spot a popup in the corner of your window


Now the download button will be replaced with a Play button. Press this button to launch High School Dreams. 

First time launching this game you will be greeted with the SecuRom Activation process as seen below. 


Press next to continue and we recommend having "do this silently next time?" ticked.


Your serial code will be entered in the "SERIAL" field automatically, I have blanked mine out for the purpose of this article. 

Select Activate to complete activation of your game, your game should now load.