Refer a Friend FAQ

Karl -


You can now refer friends to Green Man Gaming and earn a small discount for yourself and them.

How does it work? 

Follow the link below to send your unique referral link via email to your friend

How much can I save?

Our referral rates do vary, currently we are offering 

  • 10% for the Referrer
  • 10% for the Referee

I've referred my friend, now how do I get my discount?

Once your friend has placed an order on Green Man Gaming you will automatically be emailed a voucher code which you can use on your next purchase.

Is there a limit on how many friends I can refer?

Yes, there is a cap on how many referrals you can refer in a given period, so don't go crazy. Most users will not hit this cap with normal usage.

Can I use this voucher with another voucher?

No, vouchers cannot be stacked or combined, each voucher is to be used per purchase. Vouchers will expire after 4 weeks. 

How long do I have to use this voucher?

Voucher will expire 4 weeks from the time it was issued.