Pre-purchase Games

Karl -

For pre-purchase games, you will not receive a key immediately at the point of pre-purchase, rather, you will receive the key on the day of release (or a day or two beforehand dependant on the game publisher). We cannot guarantee that you'll be able to preload; however, we are in constant talks with the publisher to ensure keys are released as early as possible.

Please note: We only provide bonus content as advertised on our own product page, on occasion, retailer pre-order bonuses can differ. 

On release, your key will be displayed in your Green Man Gaming account and you will also receive an email with your game key once it has been issued.

You are welcome to a refund on your pre-purchase as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • The game activation key (including any bonus or beta keys) has not yet been disclosed to you by email or webpage.
  • The release of the game, or the pre-load is not within 48 hours of the refund request. We are unable to process refunds 48 hours before a game is due to be released or preload begins.
  • If purchased through Paypal, refunds can not be processed after 180 days from purchase. After this, only a credit refund can be offered in its place.

Please check our refund policy for further information.