Regional Availability FAQ

Karl -

Can I buy a key for a region other than my own?

No, we sell games based on your geolocation, it is not possible to purchase a game key for other regions.

Why can I not buy game X in my region?

Unfortunately, we are not always able to sell games in all territories nor are all games are available worldwide. We only sell games in regions we can provide an activatable game key.

Can I use a Proxy/VPN to purchase a game from your store?

No, we do not allow the use of Proxy/VPN servers on our site, If you manage to buy a game using this method the likelihood is, the key you receive will not activate in your region and a refund will not be offered on this purchase. This is also mentioned in our terms and conditions

Can I have a friend buy the game for me?

Whilst it is possible for your friend to purchase it, we do not advise allowing them to use your payment details as payment issues may occur, also, if successful, it is likely that the key you receive will not work in your region.

I purchased a game in region X can I swap it for a different region?

We are unable to swap/trade a keys for other regional variants.

I'm on holiday/stationed abroad and I want to buy a game?

We sell games based on your geolocation, if you make a purchase on holiday it will be a key for the region you are in. We cannot guarantee this will work when you return home.