Reviews FAQ

Karl -

Can I review games on Green Man Gaming?

Yes, you can submit reviews for your favourite games at Green Man Gaming, in return you will receive GMG Credit to your account if the review is published. 


How much GMG Credit can I earn per review?

There are only two values of credit you can earn for writing a review. 

1.00 GMG Credit will be given for the first review of a game on our site.  

0.25 GMG Credit will be provided for all other reviews on a game.


What are the rules to submitting a review?

All submitted reviews must follow these points:

  • Reviews must be written in English and be coherent in terms of spelling and grammar
  • Reviews must not contain any swear words or offensive language – keep it clean
  • Reviews for unreleased titles will not be published
  • Reviews should express an opinion on the game in question, not merely a description
  • Reviews must be original work – content copied from other sources will not be published


I posted a review but it has not yet appeared on the site?

Every review is published manually so it may take an indeterminate amount of time for them to be approved. Green Man Gaming reserves the right to not publish any review for any reason, and the above guidelines may change at any time.


Will I be notified of my reviewing being published?

Yes, if we like your review and feel it has been very well written you will receive an email letting you know we have published your review and Green Man Gaming credit has been added to your account.


I only received 0.25 credit when I was the first to review, what happened?

As described above, it may take a short amount of time for us to publish a review, all reviews are placed into a queue and reviewed in order, your review may not have been the first in the queue.


I have not seen my review or received an email and it has been several weeks. Why have you not published my review?

It is more than likely we decided not to publish your review as it did not meet our requirements listed above. 


Is there a limit to how many reviews I can make?



Do I need to own the game to make a review?

No, but we expect you to have played the game to review it, please make sure your review is using your own words and has not been taken from another site.

Example of a acceptable review:

"When I first saw the promotional video for this game last year, I was excited at both the concept and the gameplay. Back then I was unaware of it being strictly multiplayer. When I found out it was strictly multiplayer I was slightly turned off... until I played it. This game has completely restored my love in online gaming, and that is no short task...".