Announcement: Green Man Gaming credit

Danièle -

We’re working hard on a number of new initiatives, with plans to implement a new loyalty programme, vouchers that can be used in conjunction with credit, and more ways to bring greater value and amazing offers to our customers. Given that we sell games in over 185 countries each month, we’re also increasing opportunities for the community to use local payment systems, all of which will replace the current credit setup.

However, this unfortunately means we’ll be closing down the current credit programme, with plans to expire all GMG credit on November 24th, 2015.

Don't worry, there's still time left to spend your credit and grab an awesome deal on any of the 4,000+ titles we have available on the Green Man Gaming store, but we just wanted to give you a heads up and ensure you don't miss out.

Login now to use your credit before it expires on November 24th 2015. You can click here to check out all of our current hot deals and head over to our VIP section for exclusive deals only available to GMG account holders! Remember that you can also use credit on pre-purchase titles as well.

Here’s a brief little FAQ that we hope will answer a few additional questions:

  • When is my credit expiring? All Green Man Gaming credit will expire on November 24th to prepare for the immediate launch of a new system.

  • Can I use my credit in conjunction with VIP offers before November 24th?Yes, you absolutely can!

  • Will I still receive credit for submitting a review? Yes, that will remain a part of the new system.

  • How about referrals? We’re completely revising our Refer A Friend system. We’ll have more information on this soon.

  • Will I be able to use new credit after November 24th in conjunction with vouchers? Yes, absolutely. You’ll also be able to buy store credit and gift it to your friends.

  • How will refunds that deliver credit work after November 24th? In pretty similar fashion. The new credit system may be used to compensate individuals in cases where direct refunds aren’t possible.

If you have any further questions, please contact our customer support team here.

We realise that this is somewhat inconvenient, and we apologise for any frustration caused. We remain committed to delivering the best customer experience that we possibly can and hope that you will continue to shop with us, with plenty of exciting new things to come.