Want to sell or publish your game with Green Man Gaming?

Karl -

Are you a Publisher / Developer looking to sell your game on Green Man Gaming?

We are able to sell your game provided it is a key based solution, we are platform agnostic so as long as your game has a key for a DRM service such as Steam, Uplay or other DRM we are able to sell your game.

We are unable to provide an option for DRM free versions at this time.

No additional dev work is required, the only things that we will need to be provided is your store assets and SRP, these can be taken from Steam if you wish.

We work on a 70/30 revenue share based on the SRP provided that is calculated after any applicable reductions.

We offer your games variety of site wide exposure.

We are able to offer pre purchase support for your game.

Working with our affiliate influencers we offer an optional influencer package to help promote your game, we only ask for 10 game keys with your approval to do so.

We offer optional competitions / giveaways to help promote your game we only ask for 10 game keys with your approval to do so.

To sign up please go to the link here

Are you a games developer looking for a publisher?

Green Man Gaming Publishing helps developers publish their own games and bring them to market, supporting them every step of the way. Launched in 2014, the publisher aims to deliver a wide catalogue of high-quality games from talented developers to a worldwide audience. By leveraging Green Man Gaming’s experts in digital marketing, PR, pricing, distribution and e-commerce, developers will gain vital support to gain maximum exposure and revenue for their games.

For further information for what you can expect or to sign up please visit this publishing page.