Paypal Billing Agreements

Karl -

What is a Paypal billing agreements?

We have now added the ability to save your Paypal payment details to your Green Man Gaming account for a quick and easy checkout process. Setting up a Paypal billing agreement allows you to purchase games without having to login to Paypal every time you shop with us. 

To save your Paypal details you will first need to make a purchase using Paypal. During the checkout process you will be asked to select payment method, on this page you will notice a tick box to save your payment details under the Paypal option.


Make sure you tick the box to save your details and continue on with your Paypal payment as normal. You will receive a popup to login to your Paypal account, make sure you have your Green Man Gaming whitelisted on your pop up blocker or you may not see it. Once logged in you will need to agree and continue to the billing agreement as seen below.



Once you have selected agree and continue, everything else should process as normal for a Paypal transaction. On your next purchase, selecting Paypal will allow you to select your saved billing agreement as payment method (as seen below) once you press checkout with Paypal, you'll immediatly be taken to an order confirmation page skipping the Paypal payment process. 


If you wish to cancel your billing agreement you may do so from within your Paypal account or as pictured above by selecting "Cancel billing agreement". This will mean, on your next purchase you'll have to enter all of your Paypal details before checking out as normal.