Steam Tracking FAQ

Karl -

How do I track my Steam account on Green Man Gaming Community?

You will need to link your Steam account to your Green Man Gaming account, this can be done by navigating to your profile and selecting settings, You'll then need to locate the networks box and select "update" and then choose "Connect with Steam" 


I've linked my Steam account, how long does it take to show my data?

It may take several hours from first linking to scan your account and displaying your data. please allow 24 hours for this process to complete, if your data has yet to appear after 24 hours there may be an issue with your account, check the answers below before contact our Customer Service team. 

My community profile is not tracking my Steam data, why?

There can be a few reasons why we may not be able to track your data, the main 2 culprits are mentioned below:

1. The scraping queue

during busy periods there may be a larger than normal queue for scraping, if your profile has not updated within a day or two please get in touch and we can have a look.

2. Steam profile settings

In order to track any of your game data we need both "My Profile" and "Game Details" to be public. if these are set to anything else, we cannot track your details. Also, if you chose to hide your total playtime (tickbox), we will not be able to read your game time and these will be set to 0 on your profile.


After reading the above, if you still have issues with your Steam tracking, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.