Utomik Redemption Process

Karl -




To redeem your Utomik subscription key, head over to https://welcome.utomik.com/greenmangaming to start creating your account and redeem your subscription.


  1. From the above link, press the redeem button.
  2. Fill in the registration form, if you already have an account, skip to step 7
  3. Enter the code you received from Green Man Gaming in the field marked as "coupon", if you managed to create an account without entering this code, no worries, skip to step 7
    The coupon box should update in real time to tell you which type of subscription you will be redeeming


  4. Press Create account
  5. Confirm subscription redemption


  6. Download Utomik!
  7. For those who have an account or created an account without redeeming their subscription at the start, you will be able to redeem a code under the "manage subscriptions" menu. 
  8. If you are stuck in a subscription signup process, cancel this by clicking the Utomik logo in the top left. 
  9. Select your account name in the top right.
  10. Select Manage Subscriptions


    Enter the coupon code we sent you
  11. Confirm redemption 
  12. Download Utomik!

Any issues with redemption please contact our Customer Services team.