FFXIV: Stormblood Activation Instructions

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Full game key redemption

Step 1,

Follow one of the links below, depending on your SE Regional account.

North America: http://sqex.to/FFXIVRedeemCodeNA
Rest of World: http://sqex.to/FFXIVRedeemCodeEU

Step 2,

Select either of these options:


Selecting "Manage Service Options" will provide you with this button:


Step 3,

Enter code

Now you can enjoy Stormblood.


Those who have yet to redeem their Early Access codes for their pre-purchase goodies see below


Customers have already been emailed instructions as part of their order confirmation. Below is a copy of this information.

Thank you for pre-ordering FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood! Along with your pre-order, you are entitled to receive a code that includes the following rewards:

  • Early Access
    • Play Stormblood ahead of the official launch date. 
  • Wind-up Red Mage Minion
    • You won't see red with the FFI red mage along for the ride.
  • Ala Mhigan Earrings
    • Show your support of the rebellion with this pair of earrings emblazoned with the image of the Ala Mhigan standard.

Above you will find an 18-digit pre-order code that you will need to redeem on the FINAL FANTASY XIV Pre-Order Redemption site.  

How to redeem your 18-digit pre-order code:

  1. Visit https://redeem.finalfantasyxiv.com/ and log in using your FINAL FANTASY XIV account details.
  2. Insert your 18-digit pre-order code in the entry form on screen and click to validate.
  3. Next, please select the platform that you wish to play early access on.
  4. Select ”Redeem” and confirm one more time. Please ensure you have selected the appropriate platform before proceeding as this cannot be changed later.
  5. You will then be shown your early access code that you need to redeem on either the FINAL FANTASY XIV: Mog Station (Windows/Mac) or the PlayStation Network (PlayStation 4). A copy of this early access code will also be emailed to you. You can also log in to the site at any time to review your pre-order code(s).

Please Note

  • The pre-order code sent from your retailer can only be redeemed on the Pre-Order Redemption site listed above and cannot be used directly on the Mog Station or PlayStation Network. 
  • Early access codes may not be immediately available on the redemption site. Rest assured, by redeeming the code above on the redemption site you will be guaranteed to receive an early access code via email when they become available.
  • Redemption instructions will accompany codes distributed from the redemption site.
  • The in-game items referenced above will be delivered via the in-game Moogle Delivery service at the official launch of Stormblood.
  • Early access codes are valid until Dec. 31, 2017.

You will need an active FINAL FANTASY XIV service account to complete the process and benefit from the Early Access and in-game items. You can find out more about the game here: www.finalfantasyxiv.com.