Game Gifting FAQ

Karl -

What is Game Gifting?

Game Gifting allows you to purchase games from Green Man Gaming and send a this gift code to a friend, your friend can then redeem his code on our site to obtain the various games that were gifted to him.

How do I gift a game?

You can only gift a game or your entire basket (as one code) when checking out. You'll find a tick box under your list of game(s), on the basket confirmation page. This is the only point of the transaction process that you'll be able to select the gifting option.



I have been gifted a code, how do I redeem it on my account?

Gifted codes can be redeemed here - Game Gifting Redemption page

You'll need to sign into your Green Man Gaming account, if you do not have an account, you'll need to register an account to redeem your gift.

Where can I find my purchased gift codes?

You'll find any of your 'baskets turned into a gift code' in your Green Man Gaming purchases under the right hand menu "Game Gifts".

Do region restrictions apply?

Yes, any gifts gifted will only be redeemable in the region of purchase. giftee's will be able to view a list of regions that their codes will work before redeeming the gift code.

 Screen_Shot_9.png      Screen_Shot_10.png   

We cannot swap regions or refund codes redeemed in the incorrect regions.

Can I get a refund on gift codes?

It is not possible to refund any purchases that have been turned into a gift code.