Gift Card FAQ

Karl -

Where can I purchase Gift Cards?

You can purchase Gift Cards from the following link


What can I do with Gift Cards?

Gift cards can be redeemed on your/another user's account for Green Man Gaming credit this can be used for the purchase of games on our store. All Gift Cards are Digital products, we do not sell a physical version of the Green Man Gaming Gift Card.


How do I redeem my Credit Hack bonus game?

If you've received a bonus game from the Credit Hack promotion, then see the information at the link below to redeem your game:


How do I redeem my Gift Card?

Gift Cards can be redeemed in two ways.

  1. During the checkout process in the basket.


  1. You can also apply your Gift Card directly to your Green Man Gaming account via the Wallet page in your profile.


What happens to the remaining credit on my Gift Card if I did not spend it all in one purchase?

Any remaining credit from a purchase that does not exceed the value of the Gift Card will be applied to the redeemers Green Man Gaming Account.


Can I use more than one Gift Card per transaction?

Yes, for example, a £40 game can be purchased using two £20 Gift Cards. If the second gift card amount exceeds the total amount for the purchase, the remaining balance will be applied to the redeemer's GMG account.


Can I transfer my Gift Card balance to another card or GMG Account?

No, once a Gift Card has been redeemed any remaining balance will be applied to the account the Gift Card was redeemed on and cannot be transferred.


Can I make a purchase for a game which price exceeds the value of the Gift Card?

Yes, You will simply need to pay the remainder of the price with another payment method.


Are Gift Cards refundable?

No, we are unable to provide a refund for any gift cards purchased.


What Values do the Gift Cards come in?

We offer Gift Cards in the following denominations:

  • 10.00
  • 20.00
  • 30.00
  • 40.00
  • 50.00

What currencies can I purchase Gift Cards in?

We only sell, as per our Term and Conditions to the following currencies:

  • USD
  • EUR
  • GBP

If you have purchased a Gift Card from Canada or Australia you have purchased this in USD and not your country-specific currency.


What happens if I am gifted a Gift Card in a currency other than my own am I able to redeem this on Green Man Gaming account?

When redeemed, the Gift Card will be converted to your Account set currency, this will be at the conversion rate of the date of purchase.


Can I use discount vouchers to purchase a Gift Card?

No, Gift Cards are exempt from use with vouchers.

Full Terms and Conditions regarding Gift Cards can be found here.